New Vegetable & Herb Arrivals

P1130290Spring/Summer veggies and herbs are now available in the Bedding Area!  Peppers, mint, sweet basil, rosemary, and thyme are ready to be taken home to your vegetable garden.  While there is already a large selection, be on the look out for even more as the warm days of spring continue!



Bunnies & More in the Gift Store

For your Easter décor & serving needs, don’t forget to stop in the Gift Store where you can find bunnies, chicks, egg serving platters, plates, table cloths, wreaths, and much more!  Easter is Sunday, March 31st this year, so don’t wait to stop by!

Plant Care Basics

P1130147As plants transition from winter to spring, their needs in water and food will change.  For most plants, spring means new growth!  Just like anything else that grows, water and food will need to increase to help your plants as they put on new growth and blooms.

The first step in helping your plants grow is to be sure they have adequate amounts of sun.  Depending on how much sun your chosen area receives during the day will determine which plants are best suitable for that area. Taking a plant made for shade and putting him in a full sun area is sure to kill your plant even if you’re giving it the correct amount of water and food.

The second step to helping your plants stay alive after you get them home is to check the soil every couple of days to be sure the plant isn’t drying out too much.  Most bedding and nursery plants require moist soil, but no wet feet!  As the temps go up, more water is required to keep your plants’ thirst at bay.  Using your finger, if you feel the soil is dry about an inch down, that’s usually a good indication it needs water.  You can also use moisture meters (found in the Hyams Garden Store) to easily check your plant’s water needs.

The third item on your plant care to-do list is to be sure to fertilize your plants.  Most bedding plants (your typical spring and summer bloomers) can be fertilized every couple of weeks, but be sure to check with the Hyams staff on which plants benefit more from a bloom booster vs. a standard fertilizer.  For fruit and citrus plants, you should use a fertilizer specific to their needs.  Visiting the Hyams Plant Doctor is an excellent way to find out which fertilizer is best suited for your chosen plants.

To help turn your brown thumb green, visit the Hyams Garden Center and talk with our knowledgeable staff!

Plant Buying Tips

P1130164Spring starts next week and if you haven’t already gotten the “planting fever,” we’re sure it’s not far away! Before you start planting for all you’re worth, be sure you have an idea of what you want to do in your flower beds/garden/yard.  At Hyams, we are always happy to help guide you in choosing which plants will work best for your planting area, but here are a few tips to make it easier when you come in.

  • Be sure you know how much light your selected area receives throughout the day and if it’s the “easy morning sun” or the “hot afternoon sun.”
  • Brining in a picture of the area is always a great idea and can help the Hyams staff know what kind of plants your area can accommodate as they grow larger.
  • Get an idea of the type of soil you have and if you get a significant amount of ocean breeze. (Some plants work better in these types of areas vs. others.)

Garden Center New Arrivals

P1130182Spring color is beginning to arrive in the Hyams Bedding Area as the cooler days of winter begin to die down.  New arrivals, so far, include: blooming daffodils, tulips, crocus, snaps, anemone, allysum, nemesia, geraniums, cyclamen, herbs, etc.  In the Nursery, you can find large citrus full of blooms and fruit, pink jasmine, cherry trees, saucer magnolias, viburnum tinus, encore azaleas, and camellias japonicas.  Of course, these are only to name a few.

The Garden Store is also gearing up for the upcoming spring days as we begin to re-stock the shelves with all the herbicides, fertilizers and soil amendments to make your spring lawn and garden beautiful!!

Remember to keep an eye out over the next few weeks as we are still expecting cooler weather, but spring is definitely on its way at Hyams!