Valentine’s Day also means Pre-Emergent Herbicide Time!

If you’ve had a crabgrass or spring weed problem, February is the time to control them.Timing is very important in the use of a pre-emergent herbicide. When the soil reaches the right temperature weed seeds will start to germinate. For example; when the soil temperature reaches close to 60 degrees F at a 1-2 inch depth, crabgrass seed will germinate. February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is the time to cut back your roses and apply pre-emergent to your lawn (and buy your sweetie something).

Pre-emergent herbicides kills weed seedling as they germinate, by forming a shield across the soil surface that stops emerging weeds like crabgrass in their tracks. We carry Halts and Dimension.


  • Water after applying, this activates the pre-emergent.
  • Don’t de-thatch or aerate for about 3 weeks
  • Don’t apply to sod.