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Winterizing Your Plants

If you’re trying to decide how to protect some of your more tender plants this winter without bringing them inside and out, try building a temporary greenhouse!  These types of greenhouses are better suited for smaller gardens (if you plant to keep it up beyond winter) or for protecting your plants when the digits drop way below.

There are a number of different ways you can build a temporary greenhouse, so we recommend visiting the following website and read through a few of the articles.

If building a greenhouse is a still a little much to do, remember to keep your plants safe from the dropping digits by using plastic or an old bed sheet to keep them covered from the frost.  To help on freezing nights, try adding a string of old Christmas lights (the ones that actually give off heat) around the plants.  If nothing else, bring them inside the garage with a heat lamp, space heater or shop lamp (remember to be cautious as some heat sources may be a fire hazard).  For other ways to protect your plants this winter or you need to know which plants need protecting, visit our Garden Center and talk with our knowledgeable staff!

Bonsai Bonanza!

bonzaiIf you’re still debating on a Christmas gift, try stepping into the Hyams Greenhouse and check out the Bonsai area!  These plants are simple to care for and are perfect for a bright spot indoors.  Check out our previous blog post to learn more about Bonsai – A Thousand Years Old & Still Going Strong!