Fall & Winter Watering for Plants

Watering needs for plants are changing as we transition into cooler weather.  Often, it can be confusing as to how much you should water your plants to keep them looking crisp and beautiful through the cold season.  Below you’ll find some advice and tips from Mr. Hyams on just this issue.

“Your garden still needs watering in the fall and winter. With adequate moisture, plants will tolerate the cold weather a lot better. The cooler temps keep the soil from drying out so quickly, but still try to get about an inch of water per week if there’s no rain. This might change a little if we get a few dreary days in a row with no sun or a string of warm sunny days. You just need to adjust accordingly. If your not sure about whether to water or not, check 3-4” deep in your soil with your hands.

A good tip: After a frost, an early morning sprinkling to wash the frost off the leaves will help prevent the rapid drying and burning that may occur when the sun hits the leaves of tender plants.”

For more information on watering your plants in the fall and winter, stop by Hyams and talk with our knowledgeable staff.  We are always here to help!

Christmas Tabletops Now Available!

For all who have been waiting for the Hyams Gift/Christmas Store to bring out the Yuletide tabletop décor, your wait is finally over!  Stop in now to get a jump on decorating for the holidays or scratching off another name on your Christmas list.  You’ll be sure to find a variety of beautiful home and kitchen accents including dip bowls and spreaders, salt & pepper shakers, festive wine and martini glasses, Santa and snowmen statues, and so much more!