Croton’s in the Garden Center

IMG_20140830_111031If you’re already eager to begin decorating for fall, you can start by decorating your outdoors with a few Crotons.  These plants produce an excellent show of fall color with their big beautiful green, red, yellow and orange leaves!  Crotons can take cold weather down to 40 degrees, which means they are an excellent addition to your ends of summer plants and a great transition into your fall favorites!  Stop into the Hyams Bedding Area and grab a couple now!

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Fall in Full Swing

The Hyams Gift Store is already full to the brim with all of our Halloween and Fall decor and much more to come!  Here are a few items you can be sure to find when you stop in.

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New Fall Arrivals

The first of the new fall arrivals have made their way to the Hyams Garden Center!  Camellias (older varieties and new hybrids) have just come in and are full of buds!  The Bedding Area is also showcasing a few fall mums with their amazing display of the new Jack-O-Lantern pots (for planting and outdoor decor)!

New Arrivals

Photo Courtsey: Danielle Osfalg

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Water, Water, Water!

We say it every year when temperatures start climbing, but just as you need more hydration when it becomes a scorcher outside, so do your plants!  Remember these few tips to help get your plants through the current and coming hot months.

  • Water deeper, less often.  This will help plants grow deep roots as they will dive further and further to reach that “buried treasure.”
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch!  Mulch helps to keep moisture in the ground longer and reduces the frequency of watering.
  • Invest in a water meter/gauge.  These can be a lifesaver to you and your plants.  It may not always be easy to tell if you’re over or under watering, but using a water meter can give you a good idea where your potted plants stand in hydration.
  • Potted plants should be watered two to three times a week, especially veggies!
  • When watering your potted plants, be sure to water slowly to allow the water to penetrate all areas of the container.  If you see water gushing out of the drainage holes as soon as you begin to pour, go back and water the plant again in five minutes and again in another five.  This will help to ensure the soil is retaining water.

For more tips on proper watering, be sure to ask our knowledgeable staff!

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Pot in Pot Gardens

Landscaping your home can sometimes become a daunting task when faced with digging up spent plants and/or planting new ones be them in the ground or a large container.  One creative idea that can help with this is creating pot gardens.  Depending on how you plan out your landscape, pot gardens can provide a unique approach to planting.  The idea behind the pot garden is to provide easy maintenance for maintaining and replacing plants while keeping them contained to a specific area and size.

Pot in PotThis can be particularly helpful if you find yourself changing out plants in large heavy container often durning the spring/summer months or seasonally.  For this type of use, simply choose your plant(s) that will easily fit the inside of your chosen container.  Selecting one that is nearly the same size will make it easier for your plant to fit snugly while preventing it from slipping downward.  If your chosen plant’s pot is a big small, try placing a clay pot or two inside the bottom of the container to give your plant the height it needs to clear the top of your container.

Implementing the idea for in-ground use is very simple.  First, choose the size of the plant (including the container size) that you’d like to place in your landscape and then choose your buried pot based on your desired plant size.  This will ensure your buried pot is large enough to place your plant (pot and all) into without it being too snug of a fit.  (Some gardeners prefer the rim of their buried pot to show while others prefer for this pot to be completely hidden from view.  This is the time to decide on your pot landscape presentation.  Next, dig a large enough hole in your landscape for the pot you plan to bury, place the pot in the hole and then fill in any extra space with soil to keep this pot secure.  Lastly, place your selected plants in your buried pot and add either pine straw or mulch for a finished look.

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The Knockout Rose

Knockout 2The Knockout Rose is by far one of the easiest types of rose bushes to plant and care for.  Seen widely in the south, this type of rose excels in the full sun, keeps a compact growth habit and continues to bloom from early spring right up until the first frost.  The Knockout Rose is extremely resistant to black spot disease and is generally a low-maintenance type of shrub, but don’t forget that even these hardy roses need the essentials.

To keep your Knockouts happy and healthy through the warm months, water your roses often along with providing a bloom booster fertilizer.  Pruning is also essential to the Knockout Rose.  It is important to prune not only the outside of the bush, but also some on the inside to help circulation and avoid diseases.  Pruning can be done to help shape the bush, to encourage new growth and blooms and/or to control the size.  Knockouts are vigorous growers and should be trimmed back a foot or two below the height you want them during their growing season.

Knockout 1To find out more about Knockout Roses, visit our Garden Center and talk with our Nursery staff!

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Mother’s Day Garden Goodness

When it comes to Mother’s Day, we feel like we pretty much have every mother with a soft spot for beautiful blooming flowers covered!  You may be hard pressed when you stop in not find the perfect gift for that special woman this Mother’s Day.

Don’t worry if your thumb isn’t as green as some; we have extra talented staff on hand who can create a spectacular pot-up in no time or you can easily choose from the dozens of pre-made potted plants.  While you’re browsing the blooming Bedding Area, don’t forget to mozy on over to our Nursery Area and smell the roses … literally!  The citrus and fruit trees are already showing a good harvest to come with exquisite hydrangeas displaying excellent color!  For a beauty that’s a tad smaller, stop in the Greenhouse and browse the huge selection of Orchids and Bromeliads!  With the picky gardener in mind, don’t forget about the Hyams Gift Card or walk over to our Gift Store for excellent home & garden decor and unique gifts.

For this Mother’s Day, give her something that will show her how much you care day after day with some wonderful garden goodness!

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